Teresa Gee, prophetess

Teresa Gee established Let! God Arise Ministries in June 2003. The full ministry consists of biblical studies, evangelical outreach, and spiritually based theatre for all ages.
   A gifted songwriter and playwright, Prophetess Gee has written five plays and working on her third book, which is due for completion in Spring 2020.
   She is a regular on speaking circuits at prophetic, women's, and leadership conferences in our nation. 
   A long-time member of Rhema Christian Center, Gee has studied under the insightful leadership of Bishop LaFayette Scales for more than 20 years.  Prophetess Gee served as a leadership and instructor in the School of Prophets for over ten years, a graduate of Ministerial Alliance, Understanding God, and Word at Work classes.
  Prophetess Gee established One Prophetic Voice United in 2009, Prophets by Design  in2012 
  She has a mentorship program Transformed Girls Who Win a mentorship program, to encourage and build young ladies as they explore positive life accomplishments.
" One must be able to recognize when it is their time to be productive in the Kingdom of God. My time is now."
   Prophetess Gee is a faithful servant, mother, mentor, and friend.

  1. When we can see through our vision
    God blinded Paul temporary, yet God never took Paul's vision which was eternally. There are times in our lives when we feel as though God has forsaken, allow God to adjust your natural sight that you may partake of the true vision of God in our lives eternally.
  2. The Voice of God Video
    God wants to use our voice to speak through to bring His will into the earth.
  3. Gratefulness
    Being grateful is something we forget in times of lack or need, however God is with us at all times and for that we can be grateful.
  4. The word will walk
    Enjoy the time of ministry