Teresa Gee

Teresa also started Transformed Girls Who Win in 2018. She established this organization with the vision to impact the next generation of young women. As the director, she has a desire to help the female youth break through barriers that may limit them and affect their future.

These possible limitations include a lack of self-confidence, identity separation through a crisis, unnoticed opportunities for underprivileged individuals, and broken family life. Through Transformed Girls Who Win, practical teaching methods are employed to encourage transformation, build relationships, and help participants grow during the 5-week sessions.

Transformed Girls Who Win aims to become a positive and impactful presence that creates an environment that is conducive for young ladies who need love, inspire to dream big, lead the next generation, and, overall, become winners despite life's limitations and barriers.

Girls Who Win

  1. When we can see through our vision
    God blinded Paul temporary, yet God never took Paul's vision which was eternally. There are times in our lives when we feel as though God has forsaken, allow God to adjust your natural sight that you may partake of the true vision of God in our lives eternally.
  2. The Voice of God Video
    God wants to use our voice to speak through to bring His will into the earth.
  3. Gratefulness
    Being grateful is something we forget in times of lack or need, however God is with us at all times and for that we can be grateful.
  4. The word will walk
    Enjoy the time of ministry
Meet The Team
Teresa Gee
Founder & Visionary
      Teresa Gee is the Director of the Transformed Girls Who Win Mentorship under the umbrella of Let! God Arise Ministries, a nonprofit 501c3, is located in Columbus, Ohio.  

       Teresa is a playwright and has authored two books One Day in the Lie of a Believer and Transition the Moves Forward.  

        Teresa is the visionary of Let! God Arise Ministries nonprofit outreach ministry that serves the church and community since 2003, while being a member of Rhema Christian Center for over 30 years under the leadership of Dr. LaFayette Scales in Columbus, Ohio.

        She has a passion for seeing young ladies overcome impossibilities and to explore the possibilities of being an active and relevant addition in families, neighborhoods, communities, and the world.
       Teresa motto for Transformed Girls Who Win  "Inside of every girl is the woman waiting to evolve and inside of every woman is a girl pushing her toward SUCCESS."
"Inside of every girl is a woman waiting to evolve"
"Inside of every woman is a girl pushing her forward"- Teresa Gee